Fat old loser gets humiliated because of his tiny little dick

Is this a worst nightmare or a fantasy come true? I found a site called HeyLittleDick.com and then joined with Hey Little Dick discount code I found. It’s a site about guys with really small cocks being teased and humiliated by young ladies.

In the video I watched sexy babe Krystal has gone on a date with a sugar daddy, she’s hoping to get wined and dined and then taken back to hers for a good fuck. She got the first two wined and dined but when she got back home from her dirty date and she got worked up for a good fuck by her sugar daddy he asked if he could turn out the lights. I mean what kind of man wants to turn out the lights? Of course, she refused and as “Big Bob” stripped off she soon realized why he wanted the lights off. Bob has a got a tiny dick, I mean it’s really small. She can’t believe and though disappointed, she sees the funny side to it and shouts out to her room mates to come and take a look at Bobs tiny little dick.

They all start laughing, even saying that his dick almost looks like  a little fanny. Of course he found it really embarrassing but at the same time his little cock started twitching and it even grew enough to have a finger and thumb wrap around it. One of the girls pinched his little dick between her finger and thumb and burst out laughing but she started to wank it. The girls was curious to see if this tiny little dick could make any sperm. The girls ever more curious take their tops off and show Bob their young tits he quickly loses control of himself and felt his little dick flex midair and start to cum.  He shoots out a pathetic load of spunk over his fa balls. It’s embarrassing really.

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