Frustrated couple need a little help in the bedroom

When DR Lacey is on hand to help you know your sex life is only going to get better! This married and sexually frustrated couple have been having trouble in the bedroom department for a while so went to see this olf gilf doctor to see if she could help! Blimey this naughty granny slut was right on it ordering the hubby to get naked she began sucking his dick much to the wifes amazement and she couldnt help but join in After Lacey sucked him off it was the wifes turn to put motions in action and the hubby must have felt like his birthdays had come at once.

Soon the hubby was dicking Lacey and his wife taking it in turns to fuck their soaking wet pussies and when they swapped they played with each others pussies while taking it in turns to suck of the horny dude. I never knew things like this happened in councilling I est get my wife up to our local mariage councilers office asap I think I need a little bit of this in my life.

Photos courtasy of GILF adventures

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